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Devising and implementing HR initiatives and culture strategies is challenging work because it inevitably involves change. Large, organization-wide change often fails to take hold over the long-term because, in our experience, many initiatives fail at the most basic level:  the individual.  They often focus on the systems, products or processes without contemplating the impact on employees – the core of every organization.  Culture is a combination of how people see, feel and experience their company day to day across the entire ecosystem – executive leadership, employees, customers, vendors and the public. 

Innovation requires meaningful diversity– which includes race, gender, age, cognitive, and culture.  For company culture to feel inclusive, equitable and engaging, it must be safe for everyone to authentically and comfortably bring their 'whole selves' to work. That requires companies, teams and working groups to comfortably navigate difficult conversations and have a healthy relationship with conflict.  We believe that requires two core skills: Real-Time Awareness™ (RTA™) and Collaborate In Conflict™ (CiC™).

Everyone can develop Real-Time Awareness™ to better understand the impact they are having on others.  They can also learn to Collaborate In Conflict™ to help their team mitigate risk and maximize opportunities for success.  Together, RTA™ and CiC™ bridge the gap between leadership intention and individual perceived experience, which empowers teams to leverage their full diversity of thought, style, background, etc., to drive innovation, growth and lasting cultural change.  

We advocate for starting small – working first with small teams, then testing and iterating the way to people-centric, organization-wide solutions.  Small groups are flexible, efficient and can serve as one of the most powerful catalysts for change.  This approach is also cost-effective and mitigates risk. 

We help our clients create more inclusive, aligned and engaged teams by offering assessments, analysis, strategy, development, education and strategy implementation – all customized based on the needs of the project, team, company, or organization.

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